Collection: *Holistic Nutrition

We're more than supplements, although we have fantastic supplements.  Our certified nutrition specialists will help guide you not only with what supplements make sense for you, but also can help guide you to a holistic nutritional program to ensure that you're targeting areas of focus that will get you to a level of harmony both mentally and physically.  

What we do:

  • Initial consultation
  • Practical meal planning strategies 
  • Gut protocol program
  • Hair Coritsol analysis
  • Hair mineral test analysis
  • Supplement guidance
  • GI MAP (Stool test) and analysis
  • Food Sensitivity tests and analysis
  • Maintenance and follow-up consultations

The core of what we do is to create a program incorporating selected areas of the listed services above for you that fit your specific needs addressing the vast spectrum of issues from simply wanting a more restful sleep to more complex health targets. 

We tackle the root cause, not the symptoms by helping you make simple and healthy choices on a daily basis.

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