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'Monthly UE Program

'Monthly UE Program

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  • Weekly virtual 30 minutes guided yoga(Every Monday at 7 AM EST) - Value of $22/session x 4 = $88/month.
 Take around 30 minutes at the start of your day & week to be guided with a yoga practice, breath and a brief tapping meditation with our live virtual session. Stay accountable creating a healthy habit to start your week on a higher vibration.
    • Weekly live virtual 30 min Zumba Classes(Every Friday at 6:30 Am EST) - Value of $22/Session x 4 = $88/month.
    Get your blood pumping & sweat the week's stress away. This Zumba classes will leave you feeling happy, energized & ready to have a fantastic weekend.
    • Weekly energy healing sessions for the collective, mindset mastery affirmations, subtle supportive frequencies broadcast and a Bio-resonance Scan (Every Wednesday at 1:00 PM EST) - Value of $55/session x 4 = $220/month.
    This is all done remotely, there is no need for you to be connected to anything. An hour after the session you will receive an email with the trapped emotions that were released & affirmations to help you master your thoughts & the specific frequencies that were broadcasted that day. You will also receive another email with a report showing the before and after bio-resonance.
    • Bi-weekly seasonal recipes with grocery lists making healthy eating easy for you (Fri 11 AM EST) - valued of $111/plan x 2 = $222//month.
    You will receive via email a meal plan for two weeks with a grocery list that you can prep during the weekend. You will then be equipped with nutritious food and avoid the trap of take out. These meal plans are easy to follow and are family friendly. Always trying to keep the meals as simple and clean as possible.
    • You will also get WhatsApp Support via text or voice notes when you need it, whether is a question about the meal plan or simply need to vent & need a mini mindset session.
    Total value of offerings per month: $618 for only $99/month when you join us.
    Dedicated to staying motivated, healthy and supportive especially when you may be going through some difficult times.
    We Look Forward to Having You In Our Wellness Family.
    *Being part of the membership entitles you to 20% off all other services & offerings, such as retreats, workshops, one on one session, etc.

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