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* Energy Healing

* Energy Healing

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Ready to experience more success in different areas of your life ?

Get unblocked ! Mentally, Physically & Emotionally

Identify & address the root causes of your issues.

This is a one on one session that can be done via video call or email. I connect to you & start identifying & releasing trapped emotions & energetic imbalances causing your issues. You will receive an email with all the emotions that were release, affirmations & wellness recommendations based on your unique needs

If you tend to self sabotage, despite the efforts you have put into your self development & healing journey. You might be dealing with trapped emotions preventing you from achieving your goals & desires.

On average we tend to trap between 400-1000 emotions that cause & contribute our health & life issues.

The Emotion Code is an energy healing technique designed to identify and release these Trapped Emotions - which are harmful emotional energies from negative past events.

Trapped Emotions may cause feelings of depression and anxiety, and may also block you from love and happiness and make you feel disconnected from others.

Trapped emotions exert an influence on the physical tissues. This can cause acute discomfort and potential disease.

Releasing Trapped Emotions can create the proper conditions for the body to heal - so physical and emotional difficulties may disappear or become much more manageable

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Although not absolutely necessary, keep in a cool and dry area to extend shelf life

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