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Cymbiotika Shower Filter

Cymbiotika Shower Filter

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Experience a truly refreshing and energizing shower where you’re no longer absorbing contaminants through your skin or inhaling harmful water vapor.
Our advanced shower filtration technology uses a combination of some of Earth’s most powerful elements; Shungite (meteorite), Zeolite, Activated Coconut Carbon, Catalytic Coconut Carbon, Zinc, Copper, and Quartz Crystal. This unique seven media filtration reduces chlorine, chloramine, heavy metals, iron, bacteria, odors, organic wastes, and common carcinogens while restoring the natural integrity of your shower water.

Once the filter is installed your water will immediately go through an oxidation-reduction process known as “redox” (an electrochemical reaction) to transfer electrons between molecules, thus creating new elements. In this way, the structure of harmful contaminants is changed into harmless particles; the chlorine atoms are converted into benign chloride ions that wash safely down the drain.

The Shower filter has been tested with 10,000 gallons of water for Chlorine

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Get it quickly to your front door or you can pick it up at our Mississauga or Guelph location

Care Instructions

Although not absolutely necessary, keep in a cool and dry area to extend shelf life

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